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Our Fees

Fees are due on a monthly basis and are invoiced accordingly.

Fees not paid on the date will incur a late charge of 10 % of the fee and if this occurs on a regular basis, the child will not be permitted in the creche until all outstanding fees are paid.

Any child ceasing their placement with the creche is required to give three months’ written notice to the creche, and any deposits received will be reimbursed.

Fees are to be paid if a child is sick, away, during public holidays and Christmas, and during any pandemic that may occur.

Fees are reviewed on an annual basis.



Fee Structure

2yrs to 5 yrs

Full time: 2yrs to 5years: €1100 per month.

Part time (2.5 days): 2yrs to 5years: €750 per month.

** ECCE Fees:**

Children attending this scheme will not be charged any additional fees for their 3 hrs preschool within the scheme. Additional hours are available at a separate cost and can be discussed with staff. For children attending during the ECCE terms the following is available.

ECCE hours plus half an hour: €80 per month (snack included).

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