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At Welltrack Junior Academy we believe that every child should be nurtured to the best of their ability via a holistic approach. This can be achieved by implementing an environment that is relaxed, stimulating, and caring. An environment that fosters self-discovery and self-directed learning alongside assistance in achieving the natural developmental milestones of childhood.

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Nutrition is a key part of development for any child. With this in mind, only quality merchandise is purchased on a weekly basis. A menu is devised in conjunction with the chef, this takes into account the children’s preferences and also the food pyramid recommendations.

All staff partakes in the mealtimes, by way of sitting and eating with the children and role-modeling and fostering an environment of sharing and healthy eating.

Meals in respect of the nursery are timed as per the baby’s needs.

All food is free of artificial additives, colorings, and salt. All special diet requests can be accommodated.  A meal plan is available on the hall notice board.

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