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Here at Welltrack Junior Academy, we believe that a child is fundamentally a child and should be given the parameters to grow in a healthy and happy manner. This belief is at the core of our ethos and sets the foundation of our company. We assist our children to maintain or achieve self-independence and support their new developmental phase. We facilitate and support all our children’s needs in order to assist them to pursue their next chapter of development.

Lily started in Welltrack Academy in April 2022 at the ripe old age of two
years old. Up until this point, Lily had enjoyed the close attention of her
childminder and we had worried if she would ever receive this same
level of care in a larger setting. However, from the very first moment Lily
walked through the door it appeared we had nothing to worry about and
we have not looked back since!
Everyday Lily attends ‘School’ with a smile on her face and a pep in her
step. The level of love and support she receives on a daily basis, has
made dropping her off each morning a pleasurable experience and
collecting her each evening, one of wonder as she regales us with
stories and adventures of her day.
The small class numbers, mean Lily has had the opportunity to created
solid friendships with her classmates and secure, loving attachments
with her caregivers which offers her a wonderful, stable environment for
learning and exploring, which she does lots of!
We as parents, have also enjoyed the support we have received from
staff and management alike, as we navigated our way through potty
training, sleep regressions and all the other craziness that parents
Welltrack hasn’t just been a creche to us, it has become part of our
family and her first real taste of independence and for this very positive
experience we are eternally grateful.

Julie and Stuart

Welltrack is a beautiful, nurturing environment where my son thrived. He developed
a wonderful bond with his teachers. His speech came along brilliantly and they really
nurtured his new found love of craft. The teachers are really imaginative in what they
do every day from visits from firefighters and police officers to pyjama days. The
quality of food is fantastic and varied and most importantly it’s home made every day.
Their garden is one of the best highlights and they spend a lot of time outside. We
since moved house and reluctantly had to take him out and needless to say no other
nursery has compared to Welltrack!

Niamh Mitton

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